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How To Become a Hacker?

Nowadays, hacking is becoming more popular in the world, the interest of people is increasing day by day in the direction of hacking, the youth is very keen on hacking, everyone wants to become a hacker, in today's time, many private colleges, institute to teach hacking A separate course has been created for which students can learn hacking by studying, but many people who are teaching online hacking nowadays, but in the beginning of online hacking course, many things are not taught in the beginning, so that people can get basic of hacking. Do not know about knowledge and then when we sit to learn hacking online, then we do not understand anything about hacking, what is the work of how and how it works, in this post today we will learn to learn hacking i.e. a hacker (Hacker) What are the things you need to know before becoming (how to learn Hacking in Hindi) How to start learning hacking, what to do in the beginning to learn hacking.

There are many types of becoming a hacker. There are some good hackers who do good work for hacking Sikhs. There are some bad hackers who do evil acts of hacking Sikhs and there are some hackers who do both good and bad things ) There are many types of hacking attacks , but before you learn these things, you need to have knowledge of some important things in the beginning, only then you can become a good hacker and learn hacking easily

How to become a hacker? Step By Step

1.You must have basic knowledge of computer

If you want to become a hacker or learn hacking in the beginning, then you need to have a basicknowledge of computer basic knowledge, such as how the Internet runs Command, how does it work There are different types of commands given in DOS command, what isRegistry, how to edit registry, it is very important to know all these things to learn hacking in thebeginning.

2. Must have knowledge of programming language

To learn hacking, it is very important to have knowledge of programming language. If you do nothave knowledge of programming language, then you cannot learn hacking, you will not understandwhat will be taught in programming language. You can learn programming languages like HTML),Scripting Language, PHP, Linux Programming, C Language, Perl, Ruby, and make it much easier toteach hacking. Will be done.

3. Must have knowledge of Linux

The most important thing to learn hacking is the hacking tools are the biggest weapon of a hacker. His hacking tools can not do any kind of hacking without hacking tools and you can use hacking tools only in Linux operating system. You can create hacking tools in the Windows system itself, so to learn hacking you have to have a lot of knowledge of Linux .

4. Must have knowledge of networking

It is very important to know about networking in hacking, only then you can hack any network or website, without networking knowledge, you cannot teach hacking. In networking, you have TCP / IP, Subnet, Knowledge of networking like Topology, Hub, IPv4, IPv6, etc. is very important, without network knowledge, you cannot become a hacker.

5. Must have database information

It is very important to have knowledge of database in hacking. To hack any website or steal its information, it is very important for you to have knowledge of database. If you do not have knowledge of database then you cannot teach hacking in database. It is necessary to have knowledge of databases like My SQL, Oracle Database. Otherwise you cannot become a good hacker

To learn Hacking and become a Hacker, you need to have knowledge of all these basic things

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