What is a Webinar?

Webinar is happening in large numbers nowadays. Often we get to see posts on social media about various types of webinars, in which information is given about organizing a webinar by a company or person.

Webinar is a new word for many people about which they do not know much. So let's know what is the meaning of Webinar.

What does a webinar mean?

Webinar means online meeting, presentation or seminar that takes place on the Internet. The term webinar is made up of these two words, web and seminar.

It is a type of event that is broadcast on the Internet and people watch it on their smartphones, computers or other devices.

Webinars can be organized for teaching, business or other purposes. This is a means of meeting the organizer and the audience sitting anywhere in the world.

The biggest advantage of this is that no place is required to organize the webinar and the audience can join it from any place.

There are many software, apps and online platforms available for webinars, which mostly come with free features or offer their service at some charge.

Types of webinar

There are usually two types of webinars -

Live webinar

In this type of webinar, hosts do live webinars directly in front of the audience. In this, the questions of the audience can be answered. This type of webinar is kept for online classes, business meetings, training etc.

Pre-record webinars

If the live webinar is not to be done, the host can record the video in advance and show it in the webinar. In this, you can edit the video first and show it as a webinar later.

Webinar features

Just as the audience answers questions in an offline event, in the same way, the feature of asking or messaging is also available in Webinar. Apart from this, there are many such features in webinars that give better experience to the organizer and audience.

Apart from the message, there is also the option of Voice Chat to talk in real time. In the webinar you can talk directly to the host.

There is an option to create Polls by many Webinar platforms, which can be used for the purpose of seeking audience opinion or survey.

AThe organizer gets the option to show his computer screen in a webinar and this can be done by Slideshow. Webinar can be recorded and saved on the device.

Hopefully now you have got the Hindi meaning of Webinar and information about it. If you have any other question regarding the webinar, you can comment below.

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