Why Social Media Account is Importants for Website?

If you have a very good business website or blogging website then it is very important that you also have a good presence on social media. If you are not linking your website to social media, then you are making a mistake. You should link your social media account to the website . In this post, you will know Why Social Media Account is Importants for Website?

Today you will be well aware of the power of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube are many popular social media sites where you can link your site and make good traffic, engage your users.

Make Users Visitors To Your Website

when you start Blogging or any business site. So at that time social media is such a platform from where you can make your visitors. You can make Social Media Users the reader of your blog. For this it is necessary that you.

Doing regular interesting updates on social media platforms

Connect your website with Social Media Accounts

Share your blog posts on social media

It is also very important according to Digital Marketing Strategy. Updates on social media generate traffic to your site and your brand value also increases.

Facebook –

There are more than 1.3 Billion users on Facebook, and today it is the largest social network. If we look at the history of 10 years of Facebook , there have been constant changes in it, more than half of the users on Facebook , it has more than half the users every day. are active. And such users who visit facebook spend time on average 18 Minute facebook

Twitter –

Twitter is a Micro Blogging Platform. Here the user engages quickly and you also get quick response. An average user who has average 208 followers, 307 average tweets, and average 170 Minutes spend every day on twitter


Every second 2 new people join LinkedIn. Today LinkedIn has over 270 Million users. And this is a good platform to connect to your professional logon of interest.

There are many more social media platforms where you can increase. This is my personal experience, I have also created a website for clients many times. They update the site but do not engage on social media. Which is the loss of his business, knowingly or unknowingly

It is also well known that the posts posted on your site are always not necessary to rank No 1 in Google. I agree that Organic Traffic is the best for your website but in the beginning social media will have to be used, or even if you want to create a brand value, you will still need social media.

Social Media Posts Can Bring You Targeted Traffic

Suppose you are hosting an event or launching a product or an ebook. You have created a page on your site. Now when you discuss with people about this event or Ebook in social media, share it, then traffic automatically starts coming to your page.

Sharing on social media also helps in SEO

It is good if you share your post or products on social media. Search Engine Crawlers understand from acche on which page is increasing traffic consistently. So it is also easy for such posts to get rank in search engine.

User communicates directly with you

When you are watching your favorite show on TV and what if you advertise at that time? I don't know what you do, but I change the channel. I hope many of you will also do this. But this does not happen in social media. In Tv, Radio, Print media, when you advertise your product, that person calls or mail for any feed back related to your product or for complaint. But in social media, user direct connect to you and you can communicate with each other.

Your ranking is improved in Search Result

After mentioning the link of your site on the social media site, it becomes even more visible in the search result. Users can visit your social media pages only through the search result.

Special Tip:In this post, I will give Special Tip that whenever you create your website or blog, take care of some things that I am going to tell you.

Social Media Icons or links in the website should be in the top / bottom / sidebar of your website.

One thing always keep in mind that Social Media Buttons / Links are visible not only on the home page but also on your every page.

Also keep in mind that the links / buttons you are putting are open in the new tab upon clicking. User should not leave your site completely./

And always use social share in the top or bottom of your post or product, so that if your user likes the post, then he can share it on his social media account. As in this website, you will also have the option of sahre on social media at the bottom.

Well there is no doubt that social media is the biggest powerful communication tool today. Just as Smartphone users are increasing as well as connecting on socila media accounts, it is important that we also have a presence there.

When you use social media as a tool, it really gives you a lot of benifit. Many digital marketing agencies like In -fact and me use social media tools.

So hopefully you must have liked this post, why it is important for the Social Media Account website.

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