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What is a Heart Attack? What are the Symptoms of Heart Attack?

Are people more than about a third of the world you know that heart attack ( Heart Attack is dying) he will not reveal it before it attacks the patient a heart disease so today we explain the heart attack happens Is and what are its symptoms

Heart attack, which we also call heart failure, but do you know what is a heart attack, that is, it tells you that our heart constantly carries oxygen and blood in all parts of the body, that is, our heart blood Pumps and delivers to all parts of the body

If this pump is not done properly in our body, due to this, the blood flow of blood in our body will not be correct due to which we may have heart attack ie heart attack. What are the symptoms of heart attack

Symptoms of Heart Attack

1. Difficulty in taking mother-in-law: If you have difficulty in taking mother-in-law, then it can also be a cause of heart attack because if your heart does not work properly then you cannot get enough oxygen in your lungs due to If you have difficulty in taking mother-in-law, then this is also a reason for heart attack.

2. Chest pain: If you have chest pain or you have chest pain or your chest feels heavy, that is, you have some kind of pressure or burning sensation in the chest, then this is also a heart attack ( symptoms of heart attack.

3. Excess fatigue: If you do hardwork without any reason, you are very tired, that is, you are sitting at home, yet you are tired, then it can be a symptom of a gart attack.

4. Dizziness again and again: If you feel dizzy again and again, it can also be a sign of a heart attack, so that if you heart does not work properly then you need to keep the brain You cannot get things like oxygen etc. due to which you start feeling dizzy again and again.

5. Pain in parts of the body: If you have pain due to pain in the upper part of the body such as neck, hands and arms, it can also be a cause of heart attack.

Tips: If you see any such symptom, then immediately check with a doctor. This is the best way to avoid using the home remedies in Internet, so many people make this mistake. Make this mistake:

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